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  • RATED S for Summer

    RATED S for Summer

    Discover the exclusive vacation inspired must buys curated by our very own in-house bad boy of beauty, Charlton Alicea. 

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  • Bronzed Goddess Essentials

    Bronzed Goddess Essentials

    Perfect your inner bronzed Goddess with our hand curated keys to summer beauty.  Ibiza to Cancun, you'll have everyone asking how you got a bronzilicous tan so streak free and perfect.

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  • Charlton Alicea Tapp shows us that a Beautiful Life really is your Birthright!

    Charlton Alicea Tapp shows us that a Beautiful Life really is your Birthright!

    Portions taken from SouthPark Magazine, originally written by Whitley Atkins.   One of Charlton Alicea Tapp’s most valued possessions is a well-worn suitcase he keeps in the closet of his south Charlotte home, which he shares with his fashion designer husband, Bobbie. When Tapp’s parents moved from Puerto Rico to the United States in 1966, they packed everything they owned in...

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  • Spring is in the HAIR

    Spring is in the HAIR

    With spring here, our team at Tapp Beauty wants to showcase our spring hair necessities.  OLAPLEX no. 0 - Our professional-inspired treatment primes your hair for deeper repair, rebuilds hair bonds, strengthens, and protects hair integrity. Redesigned for a quick and targeted stream application, the Nº.0 features an easy to use nozzle that delivers the highest concentration of the patented...

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  • Perfect your Pucker

    Perfect your Pucker

    At Tapp Beauty, we truly believe that your face card ALWAYS has to swipe and with these masks coming off, your lips are once again going to become a focal point for people to look at. With that in mind, we want to recommend a few products that will help you achieve that perfect, picturesque pout. We used the following...

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  • 360° Beauty: Barbara Bissell Kopczynski

    360° Beauty: Barbara Bissell Kopczynski

    Tapp Beauty's 360° Beauty inspiration Barbara Bissell Kopczynski, President of Bissell Management Services, chats with our team about her experience with the new Tapp Beautiful line and her friendship with Bob and Charlton. As a native Charlottean, Barbara has many passions and takes on a lot in her free time - ballroom dancing, lots of doubles tennis, traveling with her...

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  • “Fit for a Queen”: The Genius of TappNY launches TappBeautiful in the Queen City

    “Fit for a Queen”: The Genius of TappNY launches TappBeautiful in the Queen City

    The Genius of Tapp NYC launches Tapp Beautiful in Charlotte   The intricacy of pattern is like a glass of fine wine, carefully curated, eloquent, and when paired with it perfect counterpart becomes a masterpiece…This is what our very own Bobbie Beautiful is known for…captivating magic through the use of color, texture and print and in combination creating a tailored piece...

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  • Tapp Beauty Gives Back: Life Connections

    Tapp Beauty Gives Back: Life Connections

    Donate Here  Tapp Beauty is proud to partner with Life Connections, an organization whose mission is to provide programs and services that help develop adolescents and strengthen homes by keeping kids out of jail and families together. They have provided mentoring and counseling to over 5,000 youth and their families, operating 17 programs in 9 countries since 1997. The goal:...

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  • Winter Must-Haves

    Winter Must-Haves

    Winter is approaching and there is no time like the present to start preparing for harsher weather ahead. We protect our body by putting on a coat and layering up, but what are we doing for our face and hair?  We have a few of our winter favorites to get you moving in the right direction…   Dennis Gross Advanced Retinol and...

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  • Sharing New Summer Beauty Holy Grails from Tapp Beauty

    Sharing New Summer Beauty Holy Grails from Tapp Beauty

    We know your summers are booked and busy with poolside bashes and backyard barbeques. So kick up your sun defense and beautiful skin with the new new of Tapp Beauty. 

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  • Tapp Beauty gives back to LGBTQ Youth with Campus Pride

    Tapp Beauty gives back to LGBTQ Youth with Campus Pride

      DONATE HERE   BEAUTIFUL. Tapp Beauty celebrates and supports all the colors of the rainbow.  As we move into Pride Month this June, we have chosen to give back to LGBTQ youth with Campus Pride, a national LGBTQ youth organization, locally based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Customers will be able to make donations online or when receiving service/products in the...

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  • "GLAMOUR-eyes" Beauty Buzz with Cha Cha

    "GLAMOUR-eyes" Beauty Buzz with Cha Cha

    If you’re a makeup enthusiast, or if you just have some extra time on your hands and want to play with cosmetics, you can glam up your eyes and put the focus back on you. We’ve rounded up top-rated and hot-right-now eye makeup that’ll give you some extra oomph and let you play with this season’s trends.

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  • Passionistas Pandemic Picks

    Passionistas Pandemic Picks

    Our Top 6 Items to keep you from going CoVid Crazy! These products will have you feeling better and looking great even after the global stresses leave us.     Speaking of stress - our 1st pick, Antara Vitality Elixir made with 500 or 1500 MG. Micro-Farmed CBD will have you feeling chill even during homeschooling. 2nd pick, Babe Lash...

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  • Meet the Minds: Susan Posnick

    Meet the Minds: Susan Posnick

    From working with Hollywood A listers to creating her own cosmetic line and sunscreen brand after overcoming skin cancer, Susan Posnick is no stranger to beauty. Susan, Founder and CEO of Susan Posnick cosmetics, began with a very clear belief system... minimum product, maximum value, sustainable beauty. Her goal is to simplify a woman’s beauty routine with products that do...

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  • The Tapp Beauty Atelier Metamorphosis

    The Tapp Beauty Atelier Metamorphosis

    March 23 is a day will never forget… Closed… Shut down with no answers insight... what do we do now was the question in all of our minds. How long will this last? How long can we survive with our doors completely closed?

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  • Roof Above - Our Passion for Community

    Roof Above - Our Passion for Community

    We are thrilled to announce that we will be partnering with Roof Above, formerly Urban Ministries and Men's Shelter of Charlotte, by adding a charitable option to our product purchases. Their recent merger and rebranding inspired us since we, at Tapp Beauty, are also going through a similar transformation during our ever-changing circumstances. Roof Above provides emergency shelter, income/employment and...

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  • 02.22.20 Our Story: Bobbie & Charlton

    02.22.20 Our Story: Bobbie & Charlton

    This is our story… And you’re part of it It officially began on October 28, 2017, when a fashionable renaissance man beauty extraordinaire, who lost his partner of 25+ years, came from Greensboro to Charlotte for a dinner party. That’s where he met Jeffre Scott Apothecary owner, Charlton Alicea, also a lover of beauty in all its forms and no...

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