Meet the Minds: Susan Posnick

Meet the Minds: Susan Posnick

Meet the Minds: Susan Posnick

From working with Hollywood A listers to creating her own cosmetic line and sunscreen brand after overcoming skin cancer, Susan Posnick is no stranger to beauty.

Susan, Founder and CEO of Susan Posnick cosmetics, began with a very clear belief system... minimum product, maximum value, sustainable beauty. Her goal is to simplify a woman’s beauty routine with products that do double duty. And in today’s world, who doesn’t want healthy and simple?

After being diagnosed with skin cancer, Susan saw the need for quality product to enhance and protect the skin. She decided to leave her make up work with models and Hollywood and chose to dive into her first innovative products COLORFLO which provides on-the-go natural skin and sun protection. Susan is not only a mastermind of beauty, she’s also a longtime friend of Tapp Beauty. In a brief interview, we were able to ask Susan a few questions and she was thrilled to answer them for us in her true genuine nature…


TB: Describe your first time meeting Charlton!
SP: Needless to say I have a case of CRS (can’t remember shit), but here’s what I do remember.... you and Jeffre were ‘a thing’ and that first time I came to visit, I met your mom and went to the dance studio to watch you twirl (as only you can do). This was long before beauty school and all that has happened since.

TB: You're such the seasoned industry insider; what was the best advice given to you by an industry icon/game changer?
SP: "It’s ok to grow slowly, be patient, and pivot when needed - it’s the staying power that you want."

TB: Our clients are beauty junkies across the board - What’s your must-have beauty product not from SP Cosmetics?
SP: Must have beauty product, not makeup, it would have to be the Stila Shimmer & Glow wands.

I like to layer them over my COLOREYEDEFINE liner/ shadow for more intense depth of color and ‘sparkle.’

Skin product- Weleda skin food. I use it on my hands and feet every night, and when my skin feels dry-cold weather and artificial heat, I use it at night as my moisturizer over my serums.


TB: We don’t take beauty products or beautiful moments for granted - What’s the one indulgent thing you’ve done to keep your sanity during COVID?
SP: Cooking, gardening and continuing to meditate, helped me keep my sanity - and reminded me what it is like to slow down and find a better balance. Oh, and a mild CO2 peel that just ‘bruised’ my skin. 

TB: We have always known you to be a raven-haired maiden, so why the silver fox look now?
SP: Why the silver fox?  Last spring I just said enough is enough.... I’m tired of committing to hair color appointments every 3 weeks max. I could see by the growth I did have that my color would probably be a ‘fashionable’ silver, so 10 hours, 100+ foils later, and I was many shades of blonde. I just let that grow out and this is me now.  It is so freeing, and I am SO grateful especially with COVID; no roots for me!

TB: We all have been binging soooomething; Netflix, Hulu – what’s been your favorite binge/guilty pleasure show?
SP: Favorite binges... The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, Dolly Parton ‘Here I Am,’ and of course the final season of Schitt’s Creek, and the rest of the seasons for the 3rd time.

Thank you Susan for taking the time to answer these questions! We've been through so much together. You were the FIRST makeup brand when we started this retail journey and we couldn't ask for a better friend and partner.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics is one of our favorites. It just so happens to be perfect during the pandemic, because of it's moisture wicking minerals. The lipstick never disappoints. It has shea butter and vitamins A through E so it’s perfect for battling the winter weather. Every color works for ANYONE. And the added bonus? They make your teeth look whiter!

It’s our go to for the woman on the run! We call it 5 minute perfection.


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