The Tapp Beauty Atelier Metamorphosis

The Tapp Beauty Atelier Metamorphosis

The Tapp Beauty Atelier Metamorphosis


(An inside look at our redesign)


March 23 is a day will never forget… Closed… Shut down with no answers insight... what do we do now was the question in all of our minds.

How long will this last? How long can we survive with our doors completely closed?

We decided to take everything out of the shop, all the products, one by one carefully placed back in their boxes in order to keep them accessible and climate controlled. Two weeks passed, and we stood, looking into the empty space and at that moment it came to us, We will transform it! We will make it a reflection of who we are. We will make it a sanctuary, a place where each piece is a memory that is special to us, and even though each piece may not fit perfectly, the perfection is in the cohesiveness that is brought out when they are all put together… It’s what makes it home, it’s what makes it our Atelier.

The shop was now our canvas. Bobbie with his keen eye and years of interior design experience led the way… And we knew we were in good hands. We changed everything, the corner stone being the custom wallpaper that we chose from Poland, a fabulous designer that could tailor it to the exact size we wanted. We loved the exaggeration, a huge spray of water color flowers and pheasant feathers draped from the top, like a hand painted mural.

We used the same furniture, but thought it needed 36 cans of gold spray paint to create the magic touch we desired. We changed the front awning and most importantly changed the name. It was now a product of our union… Tapp Beauty.

They were a million other details, including new floors, a new shampoo bowl, new lighting fixtures, paint, mirrors and some well curated new furniture. Feathers too! The project took us 2+ months and what seemed like full-time. Now the shop is like a perfect emerald, a perfect diamond held and glowing in the palm of your hand. It’s beauty demonstrates hope. We will get through this pandemic together, stronger and spreading love and beauty along the way.

We chose to let the pandemic change us for the better. We decided to create our joy through the beauty that now surrounds us! So, we challenge you… Does what you have around you bring you joy? If not, make it yours… You deserve to fill your surroundings with what makes you flourish!

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  • zktfhykxar: March 14, 2021

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Barbara Hall: January 09, 2021

    Congratulations Bob and Charlton
    this site is very nice and I can hardly wait
    to visit the space in Charlotte

  • David Miller: January 09, 2021

    Congratulations Bob,
    Your shop looks amazing, I signed up for your newsletter and will share with Kathy. Best of luck with this exciting venture.

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