Tapp Beauty Gives Back: Life Connections

Tapp Beauty Gives Back: Life Connections

Tapp Beauty Gives Back: Life Connections

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Tapp Beauty is proud to partner with Life Connections, an organization whose mission is to provide programs and services that help develop adolescents and strengthen homes by keeping kids out of jail and families together.

They have provided mentoring and counseling to over 5,000 youth and their families, operating 17 programs in 9 countries since 1997. The goal: To give everyone the opportunity to develop supportive connections and become the person they want to be.

Below, Executive Director of Life Connections Glenn M. Smith shares a special story..

As founder and executive director of Life Connections I love telling this story because it encapsulates my vision of what I wanted this organization to be.  

Life Connection was born out of time I spent in the Mecklenburg County Jail teaching classes to residents who were preparing to come back to the community.  I have continued to teach there over the past 23 years.  I had been there about six years and I would hear over and over from my adult incarcerated students that if they had had some direction from positive adults when they were young they most likely would not be in jail today.

Fast forward some 17 years when several of our mentors and myself had taken a group of youth to the mountains for the weekend to hike, fish, and perhaps experience some white water rafting.  Most of these kids had never been out of their neighborhoods in Charlotte and had never seen the mountains of North Carolina.   

Hiking, fishing, swimming, and sitting around the fire pit at night was an experience that these young men would never forget.  Taking them on the French Broad River to experience white water rafting was going to be our last event and although challenging, I knew this would make this  trip something truly special.  Our mentors took the role of reassuring these apprehensive young men that if they worked together they would be fine.  

As I watched two of the mentors taking the lead, I reflected that  I had met both of them in the Mecklenburg County Jail.  But at that time they had been wearing extremely different uniforms, one in an orange jumpsuit and the other in an officers uniform.  Now here they were working together as mentors with our organization living our mission of Keeping Kids out Of Jail.  We most definitely were an organization creating Life Connections.



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  • Robert Daughtridge: November 17, 2021

    As someone who works for Life Connections, I can attest to the fact that we really do keep kids out of jail and families connected. I am so honored that Tapp Beauty was inspired by our work enough to partner with us this Holiday Season. Thank you so much!

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