02.22.20 Our Story: Bobbie & Charlton

02.22.20 Our Story: Bobbie & Charlton

02.22.20 Our Story: Bobbie & Charlton

This is our story… And you’re part of it

It officially began on October 28, 2017, when a fashionable renaissance man beauty extraordinaire, who lost his partner of 25+ years, came from Greensboro to Charlotte for a dinner party. That’s where he met Jeffre Scott Apothecary owner, Charlton Alicea, also a lover of beauty in all its forms and no stranger to loss. Charlton‘s beloved brother, Jose, died in 2003.

The two men, one raised all over the world and one raised in a small town outside of Charlotte North Carolina, unbeknownst to them were about to enter a journey that they never expected. Bobbie had been an investment banker before becoming a fashion designer and later a landscape and interior designer. Charlton was a singer actor and dancer who had become one of Charlotte’s premier beauty gurus.

Both believed in beauty and in the importance that it embodies within all aspects of our life. They had built careers on sharing that love with others. They formed a union… They formed a bond… They had found the beauty in each other.

In a joyful, twinkling affair in the ballroom and rooftop of the Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel, Bobbie and Charlton exchanged vows on February 22, 2020. With guests from coast to coast, complete with red carpet, rhinestones, and feathers. Just before COVID hit, with mayor Vi Lyles serving as their officiant. This however was more than just an alliance of souls, it was also the beginning of an amazing business partnership embodied by the passions they shared. Here is where the beginning of their mission began… To spread the beauty they both hold so dear to their hearts and allow it to manifest in others. Their mission is the combination of all that Charlton and Bobbie have immersed themselves in over the years and hair care, fashion, home and garden and the idea that we are a product of what we surround ourselves with and how we present ourselves empowers us to rise above.

Since Mr. and Mr. Tapp wed they have transformed the former Jeffre Scott Apothecary, now Tapp Beauty, into their haven. They view it as an extension of their home, their Atelier, and they invite you in (by appointment, as appropriate for these times.) So join them in this mission and in their pursuit and appreciation of all things beautiful…feel the love. Feel beautiful. This is your story too,


  • Helen: February 17, 2022

    LOVE YOUR STORY. Passion is the key ingredients.
    Miss organic power house Julisis from Germany or french demamiel brand.
    Could be great additions to your selection. Julisis is my favorite though, I think the most powerful, organic brand on the market.
    I am a retired dermatologist.
    warm greetings, Dr Helen

  • Hope Turpin: January 09, 2021

    What a wonderful tribute to BEAUTY and LOVE – two things that you both embody. Truly blessed to have witnessed such a special day, 2/22! I am beyond excited and thrilled for you both as you embark on this momentous journey. XOXOXO.

  • Lili: January 09, 2021

    Beautiful love and life story. I know you will be successful, and I wish you all the happiness you can muster!

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