360° Beauty: Barbara Bissell Kopczynski

360° Beauty: Barbara Bissell Kopczynski

360° Beauty: Barbara Bissell Kopczynski

Tapp Beauty's 360° Beauty inspiration Barbara Bissell Kopczynski, President of Bissell Management Services, chats with our team about her experience with the new Tapp Beautiful line and her friendship with Bob and Charlton. As a native Charlottean, Barbara has many passions and takes on a lot in her free time - ballroom dancing, lots of doubles tennis, traveling with her blended family of 10, as well as her many philanthropic endeavors, including her newest collaboration with Atrium; the Women's Care Drive to Drive. She's just as comfortable hiking in the mountains as she is reclining at the beach or walking the red carpet. As a long time friend, she has been a wonderful inspiration.  Here is what Barbara has to say...
TB: What is one word that you would use to describe Tapp Beautiful?
BK: Magical.
TB:  Tell us something that you love about the pieces you chose from the Tapp Beautiful collection?
BK:  The two dresses I bought are incredibly unique and one of a kind. The colors and fabric used are exquisite, the style is flattering and the way the dress moves when I wear it makes me feel like I’m walking a swanky runway.
TB:  What do you think makes Tapp Beautiful a brand that you come back to?
BK:  The clothes seem to have a bright spirit of their own and so I want to wear them to let them live their best life. I want to come back for more because the brand exudes happiness, culture, sophistication, playfulness and confidence.

TB:  Describe your experience when you come to shop with Tapp Beauty?
BK:  Shopping at Tapp Beauty is a fabulous experience where you can get educated on products, glammed up for a special occasion and just relax & enjoy the welcoming environment.
TB:  What is your favorite product from Tapp Beauty?
BK: My favorite by far is the Diamond Cocoon Sheer Eye from Natura Bisse. It's amazing because it's an eye cream and a concealer all in one. It makes getting ready so much easier and it's such a great product overall.
TB:  You are our 360° of Beauty inspiration .. tell us how you feel after having the Tapp Beauty experience?
BK:  I always feel like the best version of me has been brought to life after a visit to Tapp Beauty. Sometimes I walk in feeling frumpy but I always leave feeling beauteous.
TB:  You have experienced hair, make up, and the new line of Tapp Beautiful…What are 3 of your favorite things about working with Bob and Charlton?
BK:  My 3 favorite things about working with Bob and Charlton are:
1) Their warm and positive attitude
2) Their creative eye that makes anything they touch unique & memorable
3) The conversations we have are inspiring, sometimes deep and always strengthen our friendship.

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  • Cecelia McNorrill: February 15, 2022

    What a great blog post!! These clothes are exquisite!! I love that each piece is original and one of a kind.

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