"GLAMOUR-eyes" Beauty Buzz with Cha Cha

"GLAMOUR-eyes" Beauty Buzz with Cha Cha

"GLAMOUR-eyes" Beauty Buzz with Cha Cha

Beauty Buzz with Cha Cha 

Let’s face it (pun intended): face masks are taking over. These face coverings are essential for reducing the spread of coronavirus, a.k.a., COVID-19, but they don’t need to be the focal point of your face (cute design options aside).

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, or if you just have some extra time on your hands and want to play with cosmetics, you can glam up your eyes and put the focus back on you. We’ve rounded up top-rated and hot-right-now eye makeup that’ll give you some extra oomph and let you play with this season’s trends. Don’t skip the face mask: Just consider it your newest accessory to your fabulous eyes. Here are 8 great product to glamour-eyes this seasons look!

1) Curl your lashes

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler   Kevyn always said if he only had one beauty product that he could take with him on a deserted island it would be an eyelash curler. It's a Must Have!

2) Set the stage for your eye makeup the with an eye primer.

Amazing Cosmetic Eye Primer Sets the stage

3) The perfect 2-in-1 product for a 5 minute eye look -

Susan Posnick Color EyeDefine: This combo's creamy formula makes it easy and user-friendly with just the touch of your fingers. You can blend away, mixing and matching different colors. No brush is necessary!

4)  Add a touch of sparkle to your eyes whether it's a glitter or shimmer. It's time to have fun! If you don't have glitter or shimmer, a pressed highlighting powder will do the trick. 


5) Lashes and Brows, Oh My!

Babe Lash Growth Serum - In 1 to 3 months the fuller lashes you've been dreaming of are finally here!
Don't take our word for it - ask ANY of our clients that love this cult-followed and praised beauty worker! Your brows and lashes love you for it.

6) This Mascara?! Is a must!!

I love the mascara from Beauty For Real because of the wand...
it is very tiny and gets really close to the baseline of the lashes. This no clump formula coats each lash evenly so you can bat your lashes away all day.



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