Our Story

Our Story: Bobbie Tapp & Charlton Alicea Tapp


This is a love story.

And you’re part of it.

It officially began on October 28, 2017 when a fashionable Renaissance man – who’d lost his partner of 25+ years – came from Greensboro to Charlotte for a dinner party. That’s where he met Jeffre Scott Apothecary Owner Charlton Alicea – himself a lover of beauty in all its forms and also no stranger to loss. Charlton’s beloved brother had died in 2003.

The two men, one raised all over the world and one raised in a small town outside Charlotte, N.C., hit it off at once. Bob had been an investment banker before becoming a fashion designer and later a landscape and interior designer. Charlton was a singer, actor and dancer who had become a sought-out expert in hair and skincare.

Both appreciate beauty and had built careers on sharing that love with others. They formed a union – both personal and professional.

In a joyful, twinkling affair on the rooftop of an uptown Charlotte hotel, Bob and Charlton exchanged vows in March 2020 – just before COVID hit – with Mayor Vi Lyles serving as their officiant. But it was more than an alliance of souls. It was also the beginning of a business partnership.

No, more than that. The beginning of a mission to assist everyone (yes, everyone) in living the most beautiful life possible and in making beautiful hair, skin and surroundings accessible to all.

Their mission is the culmination of all that Charlton and Bob have immersed themselves in over the years – skin and hair care, fashion, home and garden.

Since Mr. and Mr. Tapp wed, they have transformed the former Jeffre Scott Apothecary space into a happy haven. They view it as an extension of their home and invite you in (by appointment, as is appropriate for these times) for a new style, a blowout, a facial, a makeup tutorial or private, customized personal shopping session.

Join Charlton, Bob and Esthetician James Reynolds in their pursuit and appreciation of all things beautiful.

Feel the love. Feel beautiful. This is your story, too.