Susan Posnick Cosmetics

 “My Vision for Susan Posnick Cosmetics is to provide women with their #BeautyEssentials- bringing real life beauty and sun protection together. My products are designed to simplify a woman’s beauty routine, with healthy, multi-purpose products. Compact for travel, they are the products that go with you around the corner and around the world.”

 During her fulfilling and distinguished career as a professional makeup artist working with models and Hollywood’s A- list, Susan was diagnosed with skin cancer.  Realizing that the need for a healthy sunscreen rather than a chemical one went far beyond her, Susan set aside the majority of her makeup work in the film and fashion industry and shifted her focus to developing her first innovative product, COLORFLO. This product- the core of the line, provides brush on, self-dispensing, on-the-go natural sun protection and healthy foundation coverage. The same passion, dedication, and time that went into the development of COLORFLO continues in her attention to detail and quality with each of the products in the Susan Posnick line, products that are as beautiful as they are healthy.

Susan and her products have been featured in numerous publications and websites such as INSTYLE, Marie Claire, VOGUE, Allure, Real Simple, Lucky, and Town and Country.

Most recently, Susan received a humanitarian award in Vienna for her work in preventing skin cancer. Additional accolades include the Rising Star Award for Beauty from FGI, and numerous additional recognitions for the work she continues to do in both her community of Dallas and around the world.

Susan is passionate about making a difference and hopes her work leaves a lasting influence on the beauty industry.

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