Charlton's Pandemic Picks

Our Top 6 Items to keep you from going CoVid Crazy! These products will have you feeling better and looking great even after the global stresses leave us. Speaking of stress - our 1st pick, Antara Vitality Elixir made with 500 or 1500 MG  micro farmed CBD will have you feeling chill even during homeschooling. 2nd pick, Babe Lash Essential Serum. Long lashes have been all the rage for the past few years. This formula is our favorite. Don't let lash extension wreak havoc on this fluttering feature. Grow them naturally and in 3 months all your friends will be jealous! Pick 3: Sun Silk Drops. Blue light has been the secret killer of your youthful radiance, which comes from our TV, Computer, iPad, and your cellphone. We all know we've been binging on these devices since the start of this pandemic. #4 is SOS Treatment. Is that bump on your face a pimple, a bug bite, or your long lost twin? Nevermind the culprit - this quick fix skin dandy is our go to for your least expected blemish. A 5th favorite saves your skin from feeling scaley. Trilipiderm's All Body Moisture Retention Cream puts all the moisture back into the body and for hours after we apply it. It's ok to be a little forgetful with this product (though we would never recommend that!) To round it out - we turn our attention, about face! Dr. Dennis Gross' Stress Repair Face Cream services all the needs of our skin when we are stressed. Superfoods, Adaptogens, Vitamins; all these things our faces crave when we are under duress. We promise, between the texture, the smell, and the result, you'll be looking cool as a cucumber when you're frazled as frizzled onions.
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