The Tapp Signature Facial

The Tapp Signature Facial

The Tapp Signature Facial

What makes the Tapp Beauty Signature Facial?

Our signature is a unique mark that holds elements of who we are. Each time we write it, there is a sliver of where we are and what we are experiencing etched into each letter. When I created this roadmap for skin success, I wanted flexibility in choosing my route along the way. There is a clear start and end point, but each turn is a little different to get there each time we drive it. I always strive to introduce a new tool, a new pass, a new scope on how to look at and treat your skin. My favorite question to pose to a new client: "How do you want to leave feeling today?" This tells me the expectation of the experience and result. as well as unconsciously preparing the mind and body for an experience.

What makes this different from what I would receive at a MedSpa?

Generally, Med Spas will use protocols that focus on 3 scenarios: preparation for procedures, a remedy to an extensive or invasive process, or a baseline protocol that fits all skin types. Every step fo the Tapp Signature Facial is focused on discovering the details of the skins' duress and relating them to the core elements that make the skin function optimally. There are 3 points vital to coerce skin's best function: water and oil balance, reduction of inflammation, and mild muscular manipulation. When these are imbalanced or improperly applied, it does not matter how expensive or intensive a treatment product is. The skin will only receive what it can based on its ability to do its job!


What should I expect in a Signature Facial?

Expect the unexpected! My esthetic lineage is a kaleidoscope from the skin world; Japanese facial massage techniques, Ayurvedic checkpoints on Tone, Texture, and Temperature, and French approaches to exfoliation. I think it's important to fill my esthetic tool belt with as many techniques as possible. It speaks to our mantra that Beauty should be approached 360 degrees- meaning the facial experience is more than just chin to forehead work. There will always be elements of aromacology, visual and auditory relaxation, and massage. These elements are just as important as the lotions, potions, acids, and neutralizers that are applied. My career as a dancer prepared my brain to memorize many physical paths; your facial will feel seamless and transient. My hands are often described as warm or "having energy." That is my connection to your 5th, 6th, 7th chakras ( yea, I can be a little woowoo) allowing you to fully experience the benefits of not just touch, but of health. 

What is the 1 most important thing to do at home?

Well, there's no 1 solution for everything, is there? As much as we would love that! If anything, these words of wisdom was spoken to me from the founder of an industry shifting skincare company. "Cleansing is foundational."

I'm a big believer in a double cleanse, for all skin types, genders, and ages. Think about your skin like a sponge. You don't put soap on a dry sponge and expect it to effectively clean. Your first cleanse is like getting your sponge wet.

Oil cleansing removes any oil-based products like sunscreen, moisturizers, our sebum (the stuff that keeps your skin pliable and supple), as well as all kinds of makeup. Oil cleansing also softens your skin, making your second cleanse, usually a more purifying formula, more effective. Set your skin up for success and spend a true *60* seconds cleansing. 

How often should I come in for a Signature Facial?

Maintain your skin with facials like you maintain your hair. My job as an esthetician is to identify and problem solve your specific skin needs, but also to ensure that the work we do together really does benefit you long term. I suggest every 4 weeks to truly see progressive and exciting change! This time frame (28 days) is the life cycle of the skin cell and cellular turnover. This means each time you come back; I have new happy healthy cells to make even healthier! If we miss that window, then the process starts over again. It needs thoughtful TLC just like we do!


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